Custom Embroidery by Oddjob

Professional Embroidery
Make it Your Own

Our experienced team will customize the font, back, or either side of your big hat using our commercial embroidery machine.

How it Works

Step 1: Purchase Embroidery Service

Add one of two embroidery services to your cart:

  1. Simple Text: we'll embroider text using a sans serif font. Your choice of size, color, and location.
  2. Custom Design: submit your own unique image for our team to embroider in any location.

Then, complete your checkout!

Step 2: Submit Your Design

Use the form below to submit your embroidery instructions to our team.

FYI: We will hold your shipment until we receive your finalized designs.

Terms and Conditions

  1. Embroidery orders will ship within 2 business days from our warehouse.

  2. Embroidered hats cannot be returned for a full refund, but we guarantee our embroidery quality and will re-make any hats that have mistakes.

Read our full FAQ's here

"...they make the best gifts..."

My dad loved the fact that his hat not only fit his big head, but that we also embroidered it with his favorite car. It was the PERFECT gift for his birthday.

Christine L.

Loved the hats so much, we got three more for the kitchen staff with our logo on it.

Craig D.