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About Us

Greetings fellow big head.
Let me take you back to the first time I remember feeling left out of the hat game. I was 15 years old – and my best friend handed me a birthday present. It was a hat from my favorite outdoor brand. Man was I excited.
Then I tried putting it on - and it got stuck on top of my head. Had he accidentally bought me the children’s size? He had not: it was one-size-fits-all. “Your head doesn’t even look that big,” he said. This became a common refrain in my life.

I bet this story resonates with you. It’s why I started Oddjob! But our aim isn’t just to develop hats that fit people like us; it’s to develop the best hats, period. Our journey involves meticulous research, thoughtful design, and a commitment to quality. Soon, all your friends will be wishing they had bigger heads, too.
We thrive on your stories, suggestions, and feedback. Please feel free to reach out to me directly at

Welcome to the hat life, my friend.

Patrick Coyne
Founder, Oddjob Hats