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Big Head Profile: Marcus W.

I've had a handful of big realizations while growing Oddjob. These lightbulb moments are usually tied to a suggestion or comment I've received to from one of our customers, and one of the things I keep hearing from people is that they want to see more photography of people wearing the hats.

Well, we've decided to do just that. But using professional models didn't feel particularly authentic to our brand. We want to be real for our community of big heads, and so we've decided to only shoot our customers. Going forward, you'll only see real customers in anything we shoot. (And if you're interested in participating in a photoshoot with us, please email me at!)

To kick it all off, our team had the pleasure of hosting fellow big head Marcus W. here in Los Angeles. We had a couple fun days together while shooting the new collection, getting to know each other, and eating street tacos with margaritas on the side.

Big thanks to Marcus for being an awesome part of the big head community.

Patrick Coyne, Founder

What's your passion?

Marcus: I'm obsessed with design details that may go unnoticed by most people. Patrick and I actually both have fascination with cars new and old, so we could talk forever about what’s happening in the car design world now and our favorite time periods of car design.

What's behind your obsession with cars / design?

Marcus: My passion for car design is derived from my passion for car and design in general. I’m an industrial designer by trade, so it’s my daily intake. I’ve been doing it for 5 years and love it. I love the balance of function between aesthetic.

My motivation for design comes from it being a representation of you. Design touches every aspect of your life. So knowing I am able to create things to aid in someone’s identity really means a lot to me.

tell us about your big head.

Marcus: I only thought I was able to wear fitted new era caps because those can range in sizes. I am black with a fro and a big head so the combination is really tricky to find hats for. I love fashion/design so I looked for other style hats (not just flat from new era) and then came across Oddjob hats. Now I've been a customer and fan of the brand for over 3 years.

tell us what you really think about oddjob.

Marcus: Oddjob has helped elevate my style INCREDIBLY. It was impossible to find hats that go with every style and every outfit I put on. Oddjob has such a variety, and that helps with whatever image I want to portray.

What are your go to hats?

Marcus: I wear quite a few different styles, but my go to's are:

  1. Big Flat Bill Structured Wool Hat
  2. Big Extended Brim Bucket Hat
  3. Big Flat Bill Structured Rope Hat

What should oddjob develop in the future?

Marcus: I think more feminine hats would tap into a good demographic. Some of my female friends with poofy hair and/or big heads would love a more soft/feminine hat.

-Huge thanks to Marcus W. from everyone here at Oddjob.