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Big Head Profile: Ryan W.

Here at Oddjob, we're committed to building a real community for those of us with big heads. One of the ways we do that is by only using real customers for all of our photography. If you see a person in one of our photos, it's because they're a real customer. (And if you're interested in participating in a photoshoot with us, please email me at patrick@oddjobhats.com!)

Our team had the pleasure of meeting up with fellow big head Ryan W. at a couple of iconic architectural gems here in Los Angeles. Ryan has been a customer since 2020, and he's an architect by trade. He was kind enough to tour us through some of his favorite buildings and discuss his passion. 

Big thanks to Ryan for being an awesome part of the big head community!

Patrick Coyne, Founder

What's your passion?

Ryan: I am a designer in an architecture firm here in Los Angeles. I also dabble in photography, and I think the Bonaventure Hotel here in downtown Los Angeles is the perfect place to bring those two things together.

What's behind your obsession with architecture / photography?

Ryan: I wanted to go to school for architecture because I was passionate about visual arts and enjoyed math/ physics in high school. I thought architecture was a good balance of both my interests and it has been a very rewarding journey so far.

I think architecture is not just about a singular building or an isolated design, but more about creating a place for people with all sorts of different backgrounds to connect and interact. I love being a part of something that can bring people together.

tell us about your big head.

Ryan: Growing up, I have never had a hat that fit me. Even when I was a kid, my dad’s hat would be too tight for my head. I was always envious of my friends and family members who would be able to pick up a hat and throw it on their heads with no issues.

Wearing Oddjob Hats is the first time in my life where I don’t have to make a hat hang on by its last buckle! I think head-size inclusivity is a missing niche in the fashion zeitgeist at the moment and am proud to wear a brand that fills this void.

What are your go to hats?

Ryan: Wearing Oddjob Hats is the first time a hat has not given me headaches. My three favorite hats are:

  1. Classic Black Dad Hat
  2. Big Flat Bill Unstructured Rope Hat
  3. Black Foam Trucker Hat

And in the future, I'd love to see a 5 panel A-frame type hat. That would be a great addition to the collection.

-Huge thanks to Ryan W. from everyone here at Oddjob.