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Big Head Profile: Phil T.

Here at Oddjob, we're committed to building a real community for those of us with big heads. One of the ways we do that is by only using real customers for all of our photography. If you see a person in one of our photos, it's because they're a real customer. (And if you're interested in participating in a photoshoot with us, please email me at patrick@oddjobhats.com!)

Our team had the pleasure of meeting up with fellow big head Phil T. Phil has been a customer since 2022, and he's a designer by trade. He was kind enough to give us a tour of his favorite things: vintage BMW's and skateboards.

Big thanks to Phil for being an awesome part of the big head community!

Patrick Coyne, Founder

What's your passion?

Phil: My hobbies are many, but the main ones are skateboarding and vintage German automobiles. I started skateboarding at a young age and was heavily influenced by the graphics, the style, the music… I was instantly hooked and still have the same feelings almost 40 years later! 

What's behind your obsession with design?

Phil: I’ve always pursued my interests and have been able to parlay them into careers. I got interested in vintage VWs after high school and ended up working in a restoration garage and later a few different parts houses. When I hit a wall, I went to design school and learned how to blend art and skateboarding into a career.

My first job was at a skateboard footwear company where I spent 7 amazing years in a dream. Later, I worked for a skate-adjacent streetwear company helping to build a massive brand - another dream turned reality. I am currently building my own studio and brand into the next dream.

tell us about your big head.

Phil: Designing headwear was always frustrating for me. I wanted to wear what I designed, but nothing would fit unless the snap adjuster was on the last dot or the strap was pulled to its limit and absolutely no-one wants to wear a hat like that! It looks ridiculous. I tried a couple “bigger” brands but nothing was designed well. I took a chance on Odd Job and was finally able to look good in a snapback! Hallelujah.