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Big Head Profile: Ryan G.

Here at Oddjob, we're committed to building a real community for those of us with big heads. One of the ways we do that is by only using real customers for all of our photography. If you see a person in one of our photos, it's because they're a real customer. (And if you're interested in participating in a photoshoot with us, please email me at patrick@oddjobhats.com!)

Our team had the pleasure of meeting up with fellow big head Ryan G. Ryan recently found Oddjob and reached out cold after his first order in 2023. As a writer, he was kind enough to give us a tour of his favorite local bookstore.

Big thanks to Ryan for being an awesome part of the big head community!

Patrick Coyne, Founder

What's your passion?

Ryan: ’ve been writing seriously since I was in high school, and over the last few years have been doing it professionally at some magazines and publications here in Los Angeles. Writing always attracted me as an artistic outlet, it’s a good medium, and early on I had great teachers who turned me on to great writers– Grace Paley, Harry Crews, Hunter S. Thompson and Jack Kerouac, to name a few.

tell us about your big head.

Ryan: Hats have always been a hard thing for me– in fact, a hereditary thing. My dad has one of the biggest heads out there, and I got mine from him. I remember one time I went go-karting for a friend's birthday when I was 10 and they had to send the attendant to the back to get what they called “The Big Helmet.” It’s hard to go back to school after something like that. Then later on working in fast food I couldn’t fit in any of the company hats I was ever given.

Having a hat that fits well gives you a lot of confidence, and definitely lets you express yourself. Not being able to have that for so long, and having years of “Hat Envy” it feels really liberating to be able to order a bucket hat, or a trucker hat, or a beanie, and just know that it’ll fit. It sounds sort of funny, but just being able to throw on a snapback like everyone else on a summer's day really makes me feel good.