The Three Big Hats You Need This Spring

The Three Big Hats You Need This Spring - Oddjob® Hats

We’re officially rounding the corner on May, which means spring has officially sprung—even if it doesn’t always feel that way. After all, spring weather can be totally unpredictable: rain, snow, and sunshine are all on the table at any given moment. That’s why the essential seasonal accessory is (you guessed it) a hat. It shields you from the sun, protects you from raindrops or even the occasional snowflake, and gives your look an instant refresh.

You might be saying, I already have a hat. But if you’re new to the big hat revolution, you’re most likely referring to a tattered, years-old snapback that kind of, sort of, mostly fits. We gently suggest giving your old, worn-out hat collection a spring cleaning and treating yourself to a proper XL or XXL hat—one designed by big heads, for big heads.

Up until now, the hat selection for large-headed has been disappointingly, well, small. Synthetic-feeling beanies? Misshapen dad hats? Overpriced custom caps? No thank you! Here at Oddjob, we’re ready to change all that. Our mission is to make good big hats, sure, but also to eventually get every big head its own big hat. 

Our founder Patrick Coyne (a big head-haver himself) thought spring was the perfect time to expand our lineup, welcoming in new oversized styles. So go ahead and get acquainted with the new Ultralight, Runner’s, and Hooligan Caps. Because big heads deserve just as much sun protection, rain deflection, and seasonal style as anyone else. Don’t let small heads have all the fun.


The Ultralight Cap

Whether you’re heading to the beach, hiking up a mountain, or simply taking a stroll around the block for the 10th time today: you need a hat. Our Ultralight Cap provides substantial sun protection and an easy, wearable way to experiment with adding a little color to your look. When we set out to design this new hat, we started with a classic unstructured, six-panel silhouette with a pre-curved brim. "For a little bit of texture, we wrapped the bills in an amazing mesh netting,” Pat explains.  The result? “The perfect spring cap, in a fresh array of happy colors.


The Ultralight Cap $40


The Runner’s Cap

This is not your dad’s running hat. As Pat puts it, the Runner’s Cap “is a hardcore athletic hat through and through.” Crafted from an ingenious lightweight polyester, the Runner’s Cap can handle any exercise you throw its way—no sweat. From weight training to tennis to (of course) spring runs, this cap’s insanely lightweight heft, secure fit, and breezy material will let your large head breathe. The Runner's Cap is more flexible than our other hats, but not floppy thanks to its unstructured six-panel crown and gently pre-curved brim. We went with two neutral, go-with-anything colorways: a sleek all-black option and a playful, subtly ‘90s-inspired take with colorful embroidered lettering and accented panels. Don’t be fooled by the low profile of the Runner’s Cap: this hat is specially designed to stay on big heads like ours.

The Runner’s Cap $45


The Hooligan Cap

Our new Hooligan cap shares zero DNA with the puffy, rounded silhouette of the newsboy (if you’re chasing that vibe, though, definitely check out The Brood). The Hooligan’s heritage construction and sleeker profile is the stylistic successor of the flat cap—a style that dates back to 14th century Northern England. In other words: less Peaky Blinders or Tobey Maguire in Seabiscuit and more Justin Timberlake playing golf or Jason Statham living his life.

Big-headed Oddjob fans had been requesting this hat nonstop, which is why we wanted to make sure we got the fit and construction on this limited batch exactly right. We used high-quality, super-soft brushed cotton to produce three colorways (black, navy, and cream). Pat’s a big fan of the navy in particular: “It’s such a nice surprise to wear one that actually fits my big head—and it’s so comfortable, I find myself wearing it almost every day.”

The Hooligan Cap $45


Even More Spring Hats

Your spring hat options don’t stop here: we’ve reinvented and introduced even more new colors and styles to help you round out your spring wardrobe. So go ahead and stock up on even more big hats––and get a big head start on the season.


The Electric Blue Wool Beanie

Just because it’s spring doesn’t mean it isn’t freezing outside. Throw on our beloved wool beanie (in a fresh electric blue) for those extra chilly days



The Black Bucket Hat

Big heads deserve bucket hats, too—that’s why we created one in a go-with-anything, wear-anywhere black that’s got mass appeal.


The Fisherman's Hat in Desert Camel

Because it’s time to finally get back out there. Throw on a fisherman’s hat that actually fits properly, constructed from an outdoors-friendly technical polyester.



The Camp Hat in Camo

Our best-selling, extra camp hats just got even cooler (and even harder to see).


The Big Jungle Safari Hat

For when spring starts to feel an awful lot like summer, cool down with one of our newest silhouettes, a wide-brimmed safari hat with mesh detailing, leather ties, and lightweight cotton construction.


There you have it: Oddjob’s newest lineup of versatile hats for the changing season and beyond. Looking for ease, breathability, and effortless fit for your next run? Go with the Runner’s Cap. Trying to veer a little more classic? Opt for the solid construction, timeless silhouettes, and neutral colors of our new Hooligan Cap. Ready to have some fun with lightweight materials, textural details, and pleasing color combinations? The Ultralight Cap is here for you. Whatever your spring is going to look like—Oddjob has you (and your big head) covered.