Six Hats Perfect For Camping, Fishing, and Everything in Between

Six Hats Perfect For Camping, Fishing, and Everything in Between - Oddjob® Hats

Imagine: you escape from your stuffy apartment, your full house, your WFH responsibilities to take a big breath of fresh air. You spend a weekend out in the woods: fishing, hiking, sleeping under the stars. You feel like a new man.

That epic, revelatory outdoors adventure is a fantasy we at Oddjob have revisited regularly (daily?) throughout the chaos of the past year. And when things started to loosen up a bit, we were finally ready to go for it. There was just one big problem: to go on a men’s outdoor adventure, we needed men’s outdoor adventure hats. Nice ones. That fit our big heads. Sure, we have our best-selling camp hat, but what if we’re going somewhere that gets absolutely freezing at night? Or a place so sunny we need 360˚ coverage? The answer was obvious: more big hats.

That’s why we designed a slew of rugged new hats for our spring collection, each one fit for its very own adventure. The inspiration came directly from the result of being stuck indoors the past years: watching lots and lots of movies. But we weren’t just watching every Action/Adventure film on every single streaming platform for the characters or plots...and we took inspiration for our new adventure hats from everything we watched. So whether you're heading into the great outdoors, or staying in for a movie night: we’ve got you (and your big head) covered.



Where to wear it: To the beach. Our go-to for the low-key, everyday adventure, the Oddjob Bucket Hat offers big heads the perfect amount of shade in durable, high-quality cotton that can stand a beating (or a ton of sand).


Pairs well with: Head-to-toe Bather and the sandals of your choice for instant vacation vibes.

The starring role: Can’t talk about bucket hats on film without paying tribute to Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. The cream bucket hat with a green under-brim Johnny Depp wears while embodying the deranged Raoul Duo? Now that’s a hat.

Honorable mentions: Al Pacino’s micro bucket hat in Serpico, Richard Dreyfuss in Jaws.



Where to wear it: Not to blow your mind or anything, but we recommend the Fisherman’s Hat It’s also good for tubing, or really anything that involves being in or adjacent to the water. Its lightweight construction is soft, durable, and super comfortable for those of us with giant heads. And go rafting all you want: thanks to its secure tie, this hat isn’t going anywhere. (Think of it as the camp bucket hat.)

Pairs well with: Gator waders. 100%. Get some crocs

The starring role: The camo is probably a giveaway, but this hat was inspired by the “boonie hats” favored by the army. You can catch glimpses of them in most modern war movies, but they get top billing on the heads of Liam Hemsworth, Emile Hirsch, and Mark Wahlberg in Lone Survivor.




Where to wear it: Camping. Real camping: tent, woods, the whole deal. The rich wool blend will keep your big head extra warm when temperatures drop at night.

Pairs well with: Warm stuff. Think Patagonia fleeces, puffy jackets, and long johns.

The starring role: What movies don’t feature a good beanie? Probably a lot, but we don't care about those. We have to give our number one beanie pick to the crew of The Life Aquatic. Take inspiration from Steve Zissou’s famously bold color choice and try one built just for you in bright blue.

Honorable mentions: Jack Nicholson in One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, Sylvester Stallone in Rocky.



Where to wear it: anywhere sweltering hot, whether that's a literal jungle near the equator or just a day trip out in Joshua Tree. Don’t sweat it: we made sure the details on this thing will keep you feeling and looking as cool as possible. Just check out the Jungle Safari Hat’s ultra-wide brim, breathable mesh body, and leather ties. This is the ultimate men’s outdoor adventure hat.

Pairs well with: Cargo pants, linen shirts, and sunglasses.

The starring role: Remember Blain from Predator? The weapons expert? Of course you do. Just picture his hat, with less rope and more mesh.

Honorable mention: Kevin Hart in Jumanji 2: The Next Level.



Where to wear it: Everywhere. The Camp Hat is a newer invention: a streamlined five panel with a shallow crown and adjustable back that takes heavy inspiration from hunting hats. One of our most-loved big hats, we offer versions in cotton, corduroy, and wool. Between the three, this hat can take you anywhere.

Pairs well with: Literally anything. Just try it.

The starring role: Because this hat has gone through so many subtle evolutions over the years, and this is relatively new, there isn't a huge motion picture legacy for this particular adventure hat. But we have to give it up to early adopter Captain Quint from Jaws.

Honorable mention: Kevin Kline in A Fish Called Wanda.



Where to wear it: Around the block. Look, some adventures take us further than others. But going on a walk and stealing a minute for yourself feels damn good. So does a casual hike. Or an afternoon in the park. Too hot and humid? Not anymore. The Ultralight Cap is a breathable, textured six-panel that feels just as good as it looks.

Pairs well with: Patagonia baggies and a t-shirt.

The starring role: We’ll tip our Ultralight to any colorful, iconic baseball cap from the ‘80s and ‘90s, even if it is only tangentially related to the design of the Ultralight Cap. White Men Can’t Jump? 100%. Drew Barrymore in E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial? Sure, why not. Back to the Future II? Absolutely. Paris, Texas? Yup. Forrest Gump? Of course…we’re all one cappy family, after all.


That wraps up the spring adventure hat edit. Now, we want to hear from you…did we miss any major hat movie moments? What hats do you want to see supersized? Let us know on Instagram @oddjobhats.