10 Thoughtful Gifts for the Men Who Have it All

10 Thoughtful Gifts for the Men Who Have it All - Oddjob® Hats

Men can be notoriously difficult to shop for, and this can create a source of stress for their loved ones on special occasions. If you have a man in your life and don’t want to settle for a gift card, consider the following options. 

1. Anything Personalized

Personalized items are a great way to make a simple gift feel special. Personalization is becoming more and more readily available, and can be applied to anything from keychains and wallets to briefcases and apparel. You could add their name to the item, include the logo of a favorite sports team, or make a nod to an inside joke.

2. Camping Gear

A camping gear kit always has room for improvement, so this is a safe bet for any outdoor enthusiast in your life. You could choose something functional, like a good hat, or a nice sleeping bag, or go for something a little more fun like a target or a collapsible kitchen set. Another great benefit of camping gear is that it is by nature typically multipurpose, and therefore may be able to be used in contexts other than camping as well. 

3. Car Detailing Service

For most people, car detailing is never high on the priority list. However, having a perfectly clean car is always an enjoyable experience. As such, having your loved one’s car detailed is a perfect treat for a special occasion, especially if they are a particularly tidy person or someone who values their vehicle. 

4. Cooking Classes

If someone already seems to have everything they could want, it may be best to choose a gift that isn’t a physical item. A class can offer knowledge and interpersonal interaction, and may even form the basis for a new hobby. For the latter reason, a cooking class is a great bet. Cooking is both a common hobby and a great skill to have for day-to-day life.

5. DIY Hot Sauce Kit

Due largely to media influence such as the sensation of the series Hot Ones, hot sauce is very popular these days. In response to this trend, many companies began producing DIY hot sauce kits to great success. These kits offer instructions for concocting your own hot sauce, along with all of the ingredients you will need. You may even be able to add a personal touch by supplementing the kit with other ingredients and kitchen tools that you think your loved one may enjoy.

6. Grill Set

A grill is the epitome of the phrase “a gift that keeps on giving.” With a good quality grill set, you have the means to cook a wide range of delicious meals for many years to come. For some, grilling can even become as much a hobby as a simple means of making dinner. 

7. Hats for Every Occasion

Hats are a great option because they are very functional, but can also offer a lot of fun and variety. Don’t be discouraged if the man you’re shopping for has a large head, as there are options out there for them. “Dad hats,” sports caps, trucker hats, and beanies are just a few popular options available. 

In addition to offering a bit of variety to a person’s wardrobe, hats can also be functional. An outdoorsman can often benefit from a billed cap, while someone who often attends formal functions like job interviews and professional events could benefit from the added flair of a fedora

8. Sock Subscription

Subscription services are another trend steadily gaining momentum, including apparel subscription services. A sock subscription service will charge a recurring fee to send socks to the designated address regularly. Typically, the socks are at a discounted price compared to what you would pay to buy them on an individual basis from the retailer. This is a good gift because everyone needs socks and an ongoing subscription adds a little bit of mystery into the equation, as these services will often send new patterns as they are printed. 

9. Tool Organizer

A tool organizer can be a great gift for someone who has a lot of tools lying around, whose tool kit has outgrown a previous tool organizer, or whose previous tool organizer has simply become worn out. A good tool organizer saves a lot of frustration for anyone who finds themselves regularly using tools, as there are often a lot of small pieces and small variations in measurement to contend with. Additionally, an organizer can minimize wear and tear. 

10. Whiskey Gift Set

A whiskey gift set is a great option for cocktail enthusiasts and people who like to go the extra mile for special occasions. These gift sets are often so aesthetically pleasing that they can be displayed as a decoration in their own right. The contents of a whiskey gift set can vary, but some common elements include a storage case, tumblers, whiskey stones, coasters, and decanters.